Maximise the value of your land assets

Ecclesall Consultancy specialises in the acquisition and disposal of land suitable for residential and mixed development.

The company offers a personal and professional service to landowners wishing to maximise the value of their property assets. All shapes and sizes of land are handled, from unique individual plots for one-off bespoke properties through the ranges to large, multi-unit developments. Additionally, Ecclesall Consultancy identifies and acquires sites on behalf of developer clients.

The range of available services includes land agency, planning consultancy, land law advice, architectural design in association with Ecclesall Design and assistance in engaging independent professionals such as surveyors or conveyancing solicitors.

We frequently see our main role as facilitator, negotiator and problem solver; we co-ordinate between the various parties involved in each deal with effective communication to move every transaction on as smoothly and speedily as possible.

Ecclesall Consultancy Services

Land agency

Various land agency services to guide you through land acquisition and land sales helping you to maximise the value of your land assets

Planning advice

Planning guidance to fully explain and guide your land projects through the planning system ensuring that a successful conclusion to your project is reached

Land law advice

Land law advice services to help guide you through land sales and fully inform you of potential complexities and possible solutions associated with your land assets

Architectural design

Architectural design services in association with Ecclesall Design and assistance with other professionals including surveyors or conveyancing solicitors

Our Architectural design partner

Ecclesall Design provides a wide range of architectural design services that can assist in maximising the value of your land assets alongside Ecclesall Consultancy, click the logo below to find out more.

Our architectural design partner

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